Smokehead extra rare is a rich, seaweedy and intensely peaty whisky.

Smokehead flavour is fresh, fruity and immense. with notes of sherry iodine, toffee, smoke and sea salt all fighting with recognition . A really vigorous whisky not for the faint hearted.

Smokehead is very much a stand-alone brand. It’s vibrant, youthful and in my opinion a welcome addition to the standard Islay offerings. It’s not subtle, to be sure. It’s a wonderful mess of flavour, punch and style.


Nose: Sherry and malt, thick plumes of cool maritime smoke, barley, tar and old ropes on the beach.

Palate: Big, spicy peat – warm slabs of the stuff. Thick smoke, coal tar and iodine, a little honey, lemon zest and sticking plasters.

Finish: Long and smoky with toffee brittle and tangy fruits.

This product has a nice metal canister.

Price: HKD $ 728