Talisker 10 years

Talisker is the only distillery on the Isle of Skye , Made by the sea.

Talisker – Isle of Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A coastal spicy, peaty character. A truly elemental malt. Isle of Skye, one of the most remote, rugged, yet beautiful landscapes in Scotland. Few whiskies tell the story of their origin better than Talisker. Its smell and taste instantly connect the drinker with the rugged environment – like a warm welcome from a wild sea.

Nose: Thick, pungent smoke. Notes of kippers, seaweed, apple peels. Fresh and fragrant.

Palate: Full bodied with huge plumes of smoke and volcanic, peppery peat. Intense.

Finish: Long finish, barley, malt.

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It comes with a box.

Price: HKD $ 558